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100% ottonome vehicles

We shape


Our vehicles are not taken from a sci-fi blockbuster. OTTOBAHN makes the future a reality. We are developing an emission-free and fully automated transport system above today’s traffic. Without traffic jams or waiting lines.

It is time to shape our future together!

For sustainable cities. For livable urban spaces. For future generations.


Our transportation service is powered by 100% renewable energy. The bionically shaped pods float through the air – with reduced aerodynamic drag.


Innovative and comfortable mobility right at your doorstep: the fully autonomous OTTOBAHN pods take you directly to your destination, without stops or traffic jams.


Our ottonomous vehicles are shaping the future towards climate-friendly mobility. They carry passengers as well as goods across the crowded city.


High-precision sensors in every pod detect every person and obstacle in the boarding area. This ensures a safe lowering process to the ground.

Our innovation for the mobility of tomorrow.

Ottobahn -

Our vision and achievements

We are aiming high!

Our vision is big! OTTOBAHN strives for a higher quality of life. With our innovation for urban transport we will give back urban space to the public and nature.

Our vision is becoming a reality!

OTTOBAHN was founded in July 2019. Since then we have already achieved a lot:

The wild journey of OTTOBAHN begins with its foundation in July 2019.
First test track
40 meters test track in the office in Munich: A prototype of the OTTOBAHN floats through our office.
Reference track
The construction of the first test track is already being planned. The Planning permission has been granted for a circular track in Taufkirchen.
Commercial route
We have received inquiries from all over the world for the construction of commercial routes.

Behind the success -

Trust in people

We are passionate pioneers with a shared mission and values. As future-oriented experts, we aim for more sustainability on our planet. We embrace appreciation, diversity and fun.

Working with us is never boring. Every day brings innovative ideas and new solutions. Do you also want to be part of a dynamic startup? Then take a look at our open positions!

Urban mobility

without traffic jams, stops or waiting lines

OTTOBAHN makes the dream of countless city dwellers a reality. Our innovative and intelligent algorithms steer each pod with up to four people or 1.5 tons of load to its destination in the shortest possible time.

Comfortable and relaxed travel - anytime, anywhere.

Our autonomous hanging pods glide over crowded streets at a height of five to ten meters. The cabins can be lowered to the ground at any point for boarding and disembarking.

Individual entertainment - comfort and fun at the touch of a button

A coffee, please! In each “capsule” you can have fresh coffee prepared for you. Boredom on long journeys is also a thing of the past with our entertainment system.

OTTOBAHN Design and Technology -

Inspired by nature

Mother Nature as a source of inspiration and innovation: through its bionic design, state-of-the-art AI and lightweight technology, every OTTOBAHN pod makes sustainable travel and efficient transportation possible.

OTTOBAHN on Top: Our pods run on state-of-the-art elevated tracks – ride straight above the traffic jam.

OTTOBAHN Testimonials –

More than just nice words

OTTOBAHN Partners –

Together we are stronger


Unser Transportdienst wird aus 100% erneuerbaren Energien betrieben. Die bionisch geformten Kabinen schweben durch die Luft – mit reduziertem Luftwiderstand.


Innovative und komfortable Mobilität direkt vor deiner Haustür: Die vollautonomen OTTOBAHN-Gondeln bringen dich ohne Stopps und ohne Stau an dein Ziel.


Unsere ottonomen Fahrzeuge gestalten den Weg zu klimaverträglicher Mobilität. Über die überfüllte City hinweg befördern sie Personen genauso wie Lasten.


Hochpräzise Sensoren in jeder Kabine erkennen jede Person und jedes Hindernis im Einstiegsbereich. Damit wird ein sicheres Absenken auf den Boden gewährleistet.

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