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ottobahn GmbH was founded in July 2019 and is based in Munich, Germany. The company is privately funded, and the team consists primarily of highly skilled Software Developers and Mechanical Engineers.

Since February 2020, we have a first in-door test track operational. GEN II of our running gear and pod is now completed. Groundbreaking of an out-door test track will happen timely.


Where will ottobahn operate?

The ottobahn cabins run 5-10m above the ground. In urban areas they are installed over existing roads and rails, outside – above highways. Thus, they are designed for both short and long distances.

How much will a ride with ottobahn cost?

At the beginning, we will be aligning with the respective public transport costs. Once the ottobahn network has reached a certain scale, we plan to offer monthly flat rates that will be significantly lower than today’s public transport costs.

How safe is ottobahn?

Wheel-rail systems now carry the most passengers and claim the lowest traffic fatalities in the world. Our pods will be equipped with a lot of sensors so that they can be maintained before problems occur. We are also using passive switches, so there will be no moving parts (!). With this approach, we want to make ottobahn at least 10x safer than the currently safest mode of transport.

Is ottobahn a public transport or is private transportation also possible?

ottobahn combines both worlds. You will be able to use public ottobahn pods by “pay-per-use” or subscription, or purchase your own. 

How is ottobahn powered?

Each cabin is powered by efficient electric motors. Electricity will be primarily generated by solar cells on the ottobahn network. Accumulators connected to the network store surpluses and help stabilize the power supply network as a whole.

Is ottobahn eco-friendly?

The ottobahn track itself and the area underneath it can be greened. In addition, it is powered entirely by renewable energy. In fact, ottobahn would consume the equivalent of 0.2l of gasoline per 100km, far less than cars or trains, for example.

How do you control the ottobahn network?

Essentially, each pod is autonomous and decides for itself which route it will take. The pods provide each other with information, such as which route they will take, in order to avoid traffic jams, accidents, and similar. 

What are the advantages of ottobahn?

ottobahn hits the nerve of the time and is a concept with a future!  We solve real traffic problems in all the world’s major cities. It is cheaper and more efficient by a factor of 5-10 than any other mode of transport (car, train, bus, etc.). In addition, both cities and private customers can make a profit with ottobahn.

Is it already possible to have a test drive with ottobahn?

At this stage, there is already a 36m test track in the company’s office in Munich. In the following year, the construction of a bigger reference track near Munich will start. 

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