Anytime – anywhere

Order your individual travel pod any time to any location within the ottobahn network. The pods can be lowered to the ground everywhere along the track. 

Rides can be scheduled for immediate departure or be reserved for any time in the future.

Infinite direct connections

The fully autonomous ottobahn pods determine your individual route through our rail network and take you safely to your destination – without any intermediate stops.

Door-to-door connections have never been so easy.

Always on time

Inter-pod communication in combination with AI-supported routing ensures that your pod will always arrive on time.

Intelligent algorithms allow us to permanently optimize the total ottobahn traffic flow and minimize energy consumption.

ottobahn GmbH
Seitnerstrasse 47 C 
82049 Pullach i. Isartal
Handelsregister B München I HRB 250164 
Managing Directors Mattika Heinrich, Marc Schindler